Why ty carter is my choice for the medal of honor

On 3 Octoberthe outpost came under heavy attack and Carter, then a specialistdistinguished himself in what came to be known as the Battle of Kamdesh.

I use my story, or my part of the story, to educate people. As I read the book, something seemed very familiar about what I was reading. But most importantly, the greatest fear comes from the fact that you represent the men who fought next to you, and died next to you, trying to save your life and you do everything you can not to dishonor their memory, and especially not to dishonor or disrespect the families that were left behind … The only difference between myself and the men I fought with that day is that I am burdened with the medal and that I survived.

Those would be a few of the people in 2 above; and their testimony to Horowitz and a DOJ Prosecutor, would make them witnesses in a criminal investigation. Get started at Hirepurpose. Carter enlisted in the U. That letter says in essence, this is how screwed you are. Surely, other collaborative communication was also captured, yet we only heard of Page and Strzok.

They were surrounded and cut off, with no communications and little ammunition. As she later said, during her husband's failed presidential campaign, "I would give my life to have Jerry have my poll numbers.

Cradling him that way, he carried the wounded soldier while bullets flew by them, tripping over ammo cans and pieces of generator wreckage as they went, until at last they reached the Humvee, where Carter carefully placed Mace in the front seat.

He is a former Marine combat correspondent and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Were you ever concerned that there might be a risk of losing perspective, or did you always feel pretty grounded.

She stayed upstairs while he was nursed downstairs. The bullets spun him around as if he— a man so enormous he was nicknamed Taco Truck— were practically weightless.

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In Decemberhe told interviewer Larry King that he, too, was pro-choice and had been criticized for that stance by conservative forces within the Republican Party. Neither was shy about their mutual love and equal respect, and they were known to have a strong personal and political partnership.

He later served in Okinawa, Japan, as an intelligence clerk. He later served in OkinawaJapan, as an intelligence clerk. First Lady Barbara Bush holds the medal.

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It was happening all along. When I knew that I would receive it, or when I knew I was nominated. Sure, he could swim. Mace, on the ground, on his elbows, was also struggling to get back toward the truck.

Carter emerged from his barracks and sprinted yards across open ground, under heavy fire, to join his fellow soldiers at the southern perimeter. Inside the Humvee, Carter fired at a three- man enemy RPG team standing next to the Afghan National Police building near the outpost, and other insurgents.

His honesty and candor about behavioral health treatment has helped shift the narrative away from his actions as an individual to address the elements of his story common to most modern combat veterans.

Reporters wondered what kind of first lady Ford would be, as they thought her predecessor, Pat Nixonas noted by one reporter, to be the "most disciplined, composed first lady in history. In the chaos, Carter offered to pull a wounded comrade, Spc.

Included in those names was: Bradley Larson to let him try. After he recovered, they were divorced on September 22, The citation may represent a fraction of what happened that day. Mace was in shock and did not seem particularly aware of what was going on.

Army as a cavalry scout. There were still bursts of intense machine- gun rounds every fifteen seconds or so, but the enemy, having apparently shifted his attention to other targets, seemed no longer to be specifically focused on them.

The prosecutor works parallel with, but separate from, the IG investigation. Archived Podcasts Thursday, June 4th, SEGMENT 1-The guys discuss how TXDOT is spying on your travel habits using Bluetooth, and other government spy tactics.

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Ty Carter received the Medal of Honor this afternoon, a fitting tribute to a man who repeatedly braved enemy fire in Afghanistan while defending Combat Outpost Keating from a fierce Taliban attack in Before serving in the Army, however, Carter served as a Marine — and overcame a significant family tragedy.

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Ty Carter Awarded Medal of Honor

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Why ty carter is my choice for the medal of honor
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Ty M Carter - Medal of Honor