A biography of ferdinand magellan the first person to circumnavigate the world

It then continued across the Pacific discovering a number of islands on its way, including Guam before arriving in the Philippines. Next, according to Pigafetta: All of its crew survived and made it safely to shore. The better documented honourees seem to be the few remaining crew of the Victoria and its captain, Juan Sebastian Elcano.

He raised them to the rank of Commander of the Order of Santiago. Ferdinand's Magellan was known as the first man to circumnavigate the earth.

Ferdinand Magellan

Next, according to Pigafetta: The strait is now named the Strait of Magellan. Meanwhile, Magellan devoted himself to studying the most recent chartsinvestigating, in partnership with cosmographer Rui Faleiroa gateway from the Atlantic to the South Pacific and the possibility of the Moluccas being Spanish according to the demarcation of the Treaty of Tordesillas.

On the morning of 27 AprilMagellan sailed to Mactan with a small force. The crew tried to discover and repair the leak, but failed. There were over men and five ships under his command. First to circumnavigate the globe Biography: This is further backed up by the fact that Enrique acted as an interpreter for the crew around the area of Indonesia.

Ferdinand Magellan's real name is Fernao de Magalhaes this is his Portuguese name that his parents gave to him when he was born. Thus, Humabon invited several of the remaining officers and crew to dinner.

The mission was to declare Francisco de Almeida, Portuguese viceroy in India. There they remained more than five weeks. Ferdinand Magellan sailed for Spain in with five ships and about men.

Trinidad was captured by the Portuguese and was eventually wrecked in a storm while at anchor under Portuguese control. Magellan became involved in an argument between local tribes. When we reached land, [the natives] had formed in three divisions to the number of more than one thousand five hundred people.

The total distance traveled by the Victoria was over 42, miles. History[ edit ] The first single voyage of global circumnavigation was that of the ship Victoria, between andknown as the Magellan—Elcano expedition.

He intended to keep the body as a war trophy. Antonio Pigafetta, scholar and one of the two crew members to keep a journal and later publisher of First Voyage Around the Worldwrote that the slave was one of the reasons Magellan was able to convince the King of Spain to finance the expedition.

The musketeers and crossbow-men shot from a distance for about a half-hour, but uselessly Juan de Cartagena, the head of the mutineers on the San Antonio, subsequently gave up.

Growing Up Ferdinand Magellan was born in in northern Portugal. To go from North America to Asia on foot is theoretically possible but very difficult. Magellan was promoted, with a rich plunder and, in the company of a Malay he had indentured and baptized, Enrique of Malaccahe returned to Portugal in Finally he entered into a new ocean on the other side of the new world.

Biography of Ferdinand Magellan

Twenty crewmen died of starvation before Elcano put into Cape Verdea Portuguese holding, where he abandoned 13 more crew on 9 July in fear of losing his cargo of 26 tons of spices cloves and cinnamon. Pigafetta's account was not published untiland was not published in its entirety until Magellan took quick and decisive action.

This ship was the only vessel from the expedition to return to Spain after their trip around the globe.


Trinidad was captured by the Portuguese and was eventually wrecked in a storm while at anchor under Portuguese control. If he did this fairly soon after his escape, he definitely would have beaten the Europeans home, as he was left on Cebu on May 1,about 15 months before the expedition would make it back to Spain.

It can be seen that the route roughly approximates a great circleand passes through two pairs of antipodal points. If he remained alive and on good terms with the natives, given that all that remained for him to return home was a month or two of island hopping- and he would have been well aware of this- many historians think it likely he may have returned home.

After the Junta de Toro conference ofthe Spanish Crown commissioned expeditions to discover a route to the west. Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition to sail all the way around the world.

He also discovered a passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean that is today called the Straits of Magellan. Ferdinand Magellan was born in in northern Portugal. He grew up in a wealthy family and.

Ferdinand Magellan While in the service of Spain, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan led the first European voyage of discovery to circumnavigate the globe.

Explorer. Circumnavigation On September 20,Magellan and crew members set sail on five ships from Sanlucar de Barrameda in the hopes of finding a shortcut to the Spice Islands. After three long months of sailing the Atlantic, Magellan and his crew anchored near Rio de Janeiro in the present-day South American nation of Brazil.

Ferdinand Megellan was the first person to travel around the whole world. Although he didn't make it back to his starting point, Magellan's voyage made people less hesitant to explore the oceans.

Ferdinand Magellan was born in in Sabrosa, Portugal. The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is often credited as being the first person to have circumnavigated the globe, but the reality of his journey is a bit more complicated. Magellan first set sail in September as part of an epic attempt to find a western.

Jun 08,  · Timeline and Summary of Ferdinand Magellan's Biography Ferdinand Magellan. So Enrique was the first person to circumnavigate the world in one direction, from point A to point A. Timeline and Summary of Ferdinand Magellan's Biography.

A biography of ferdinand magellan the first person to circumnavigate the world
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